GRUB 27 error after installing updates

After installing a series of updates and patches for SUSE 11.1, then shutting down and rebooting I get this GRUB 27 error. I can get to the GRUB Menu and pick the hard drive to boot from. It still comes up with GRUB error 27. This error points to an incorrect command in the GRUB configuration file. Does anyone have a good solution for this problem? Does anyone know what the source of this problem is and how to either avoid or correct it? :frowning:

Hard to say what was broken. The best approach IMHO is to boot back into openSUSE and generate a new bootloader menu (pointing to the correct kernel and so on). Here’s how to boot into openSUSE:

Five ways to boot openSUSE when Grub is broken

Then when you’re in, use the method in the Appendix of that tutorial to re-generate the Grub menu