Grub 2

I updated openSUSE 12.3 last evening. From the time I have a problem with multiboot of grub 2. Any items excluding openSUSE cannot be refreshed with command grub2-mkconfig… Where can be a mistake?

You should open bug report and explain you configuration and attach generated grub.cfg (and would be useful to attach grub.cfg from previous version that worked). post bug number here.

I have a bash script that can be helpful is learning how to use and work with Grub 2. Have a look here:

GNU Grub2 Command Help/Config Editor - Version: 1.91:

Thank You,

I changed localization from openSUSE to Fedora and everything is OK. I will try to add bugzilla report. Thank you.

I do nto understand this sentence. Could you explain what you did? Even better, copy and paste commands you used.

Bug 799663. I submitted this bug.