GRUB 2 installation

Hi, there!
I have a clean installation of openSUSE Tumbleweed. (Dual boot: Windows 7 in sda, and openSUSE Tumbleweed in sdb.)
The installation and the system work fine, including GRUB2.
After installation, I modified the GRUB configuration by mean Yast, but when I restarted, the systems boot on Windows 7 (no GRUB menu).
Is there any way to re-install GRUB2 only, in graphical mode?

Thank you , in advance.

In a situation like that, I usually boot from the install disk and choose update/upgrade from the disk menu. In the software section, I deselect everything except for what I want to re-install. For me, it’s usually the kernel. You can of course check all sections, including the boot section to make sure that everything is as you want.

Use the YaST bootloader module and check whether the bootloader code is installed in the correct place. Also check the BIOS for the boot order.

I already installed the entire system.
Thank you anyway. Your answer will work the next time.

I have a related question. When I recently updated from 42.2 to Tumbleweed, the grub menu still refers to 42.2 even though selecting that option boots into Tumbleweed. I know there is a simple way to edit the text of the menu without changing the underlying workings. I just can’t remember how to do that (look at my avatar!)

Change the “Distributor” string in YaST->System->Boot Loader or /etc/default/grub (GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR, run grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg to recreate the menu in this case, YaST will do that automatically).

If you leave it empty, it should be determined from the installed system automatically.

Couldn’t find this through YaST, but the mkconfig command did the trick!

Thanks for your help!

Ah, right.
This has been removed (from YaST) not too long ago…