groupwise 7.03 on opensuse 11

opening html emails results in a gray window and hangs groupwise. Minimizing groupwise also reslts in a gray window. Only way to recover is to kill grpwise-bin daemon. Experienced similar issues with opening grpwise prior to modifying the launcher command with the following.

/opt/novell/groupwise/client/bin/ -jvm=-Dawt.toolkit=sun.awt.motif.MToolkit

Has anyone run into this issue? Any suggestions appreciated.



Thank you for posting this fix. This approach works and got me going initially. Another approach to fixing this jvm issue is described here:

Grey windows with GroupWise Linux client on OpenSuse 10.3 and other Linux distros. | Novell User Communities

You rename the directory: /opt/novell/groupwise/client/jre to a different name and then create a symbolic link in its place to:

Hope this is useful to somebody,

Thanks Ferdinand, good info.

Also this might be of help : openSUSE 11.0 w/desktop effects and Groupwise 7 - openSUSE Forums