griffin imic usb problem

I tried the ASLA forum with no luck, but maybe this is more of a bus issue than a problem with ALSA. Here goes:

I’m running Suse 11.1 X86_64 on an Asus mobo M3N78 Pro. I have the
on-board sound, plus 3 Diamond soundcards using C-media 8768. The are
issues with the onboard HDNA, but the Diamond cards work fine. However,
I am trying to also run a Griffin Imic, which gets favorable postings
regarding it working under linux. In Kmix, it does show up as iMic USB
audio system. There is only one slider for input volume, but I assume
since the unit has a line/microphone switch, this isn’t an issue. It
also shows up in alsamixer using the “-c 4” option.

/dev/dsp is the mobo
/dev/dsp1 /dev/dsp2 /dev/dsp3 are the Diamond cards
/dev/dsp4 is the usb iMic.

Now for the problem. I can’t talk to the iMic. Using
krecord -d /dev/dsp4 .

I get the response
ioctl SNDCTL_DSP_SETMFT: Input/output error