greyscale only

hi there,

is there any possibility of changing my monitor to greyscale only?
i mean, like no colors at all, no matter what
ive been searching for this for a while now, didnt find anything (maybe if you have some icc/icm profile, or a color scheme, but i didnt find any)…
and i just enjoy it so much when you go to the log-out screen and everything turns just black/white…
im grateful for everything you come up with, actually i dont care if the solution you have works for gnome or kde (yes, id switch just to have that feature

thanks a lot

Well, under KDE 3 you can use KDE Control Centre:

K Menu > Configure Desktop > Peripherals > Display

Then adjust RGB colour gains to 0. Click on ‘Apply’ when finished.

On 11.0 they only go down to 0.40 ??