Greyed out connection with orange question mark on NetworkManager systray icon

I did my update today, and it looks like there is some issue with NetworkManager and ow the icon is displayed.

My actual network connectivity works correctly, so this looks like a cosmetic issue.

The connectivity section of NetworkManager.conf is:


The issue occurs with it without this setting enabled.

Browsers don’t load any page after updates, the system is connected to WiFi. How to fix this? Thank you in advance.

This will probably fix it:

It worked! Thank you!

I have the same issue after the same update. The suggested fix didn’t work, but I still have internet access (it’s this machine)

The fix takes care of the connectivity issue, not the icon issue. I still have the icon issue. It is as if NetworkManager is not reporting the status correctly. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to look.

As I read the thread it seemed to a fix for everything. Sort of relieved you posted that because I couldn’t see how the fix fixed the icon problem (and, indeed, it didn’t)

Fixed in the latest update.