Grey screen after install

Hi folks, This is the second time i have tried installing opensuse 10.3 on my computer, This is my first try with Linux so ,you can call me a bit of a newbie. Upon booting the computer goes through the procedure of checking disc contents, which it says are fine, it then goes through the boot up ,connecting to the internet, downloading all the updates. This takes about two hours .I then get a number of options regarding hardware which i always set to reccomendations. I then get a message saying the install was succesfull ,but when i open opensuse from green options screen all i get is a grey screen with the mouse arrow (which i can move) but no key does anything.
Please can you help as i would love to try out this alternative to windows. Thanxs

It sounds as though something in the updates is upsetting your setup. I suggest installing and then holding off on any updates except for one that you specifically know you need because something is not working. From your description I would guess that it is a kernel or DE (KDE, Gnome) update that is causing the problem. But bear in mind that kernel updates are usually for security patches (highly unlikely to be needed by a consumer end-user) or bug fixes (which only matter if the bug is biting you), so probably not an issue for you to wait - even perhaps until a new release (which you could test with a LiveCD before upgrading).

Having a good backup would be a good idea too - make a note of the packages you update beforehand. If the system then has a problem, you can restore from the backup and then investigate what it is about the patches you applied that caused the problem.

A last thought would be to install 11.0, with it you may circumvent the issue whatever it is, altogether.

Thanks for your help, but to be 100% honest with you i feel i am out of my depth with my basic understanding of computers i sort of hoped i would stick in the disc and tick a few boxes like window$ and bobs your uncle opensuse would be running. I have now re installed window$ xp again , more suited to my user level i think.
thanks again