Greg can we get Clementime 1.2.1 from Factory into TW?

Factory has version 1.2.1, but 13.1 and Tumbleweed are stuck on 1.1.1.

Clementine is my go to music player and has a few nifty features in 1.2.1, including ability to use Android network app to control.

Greg KH can you add this to Tumbleweed?

Much appreciated.

He may see it here, or requesting it on the Factory mailing list (include Tumbleweed in the title) might be a faster track. :slight_smile:

1.2.1 now appears to be in TW.

Thanks Greg - i know you’re out there :wink:

Thanks Greg indeed ! A new version of Tumbleweed is available (1.2.2) witth the changelog ! Any idea as to when it will arrive in TW ? It fixes a bug with the remote, and I am eager to be able to play my music, even when it has special characters in it ^^

BTW, if someone knows how to contribute to it, I’d be glad to try and package it… I will look into the OBS for now :wink:

Thanks a bunch, for all the hard work !

That really depends on when someone builds it and puts it in the Factory repo -

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It seems Greg blessed us with the new version :wink: Thanks a lot for the hard work, I really appreciate Tumleweed so far :slight_smile: