Hi All,

I am Daniel and I am fresh new OpenSuse (almost) user, actually I am an old Debian user but I decided to install on my kid’s laptop OpenSuse Tumbleweed that will be his first Linux distro! I created this account because unfortunately the installation wasn’t flawless and I need some help to finish the post-installation setup; by the way I found OST quite exciting and pretty cool as well, as DE I selected my favorite, XFCE4, because fits better this old laptop I am working on. Quick fact: this HP laptop was sold once with SLED but I removed it for Debian when I was using it as my personal laptop.

So my next post will be an help request… :wink:

Hi, welcome to these forums. Nice to introduce yourself here with your first post. FWIW, my kids ( older now, but still ) run Leap, currently 15.0 , It’s less of a hassle with the continuous stream of upgrades.
And, please not that for Tumbleweed only

zypper dup

can be used to upgrade. If you use one of the applets of YaST , you will definietely run into trouble.

O, and don’t forget to enjoy and have fun

Welcome aboard.

@ all

Thanks for your replies, especially the one regardings zypper (fortunately it works like apt…)

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

Oh, boy! More Forumers. Welcome. Hope you enjoy.:wink:

And … openSUSE even has a wrapper, so you can use apt commands. Do

sudo zypper in apt

and give it a try

Welcome Danielsan…I thought that was you.

Did we meet in another forum? :wink:

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