Greetings all

I am not new to Linux, have been using Ubuntu for some time now. But I would like to try another distro and OpenSuse seems interesting. What are the differences between Ubuntu and OpenSuse? Also, I know that my wireless card will not work as soon as Suse is installed. I also know that I will have to use ndiswrapper to install it, my question on this is, I have the drivers (have Ubuntu in file name) and ndiswrapper I had to use for Ubuntu to get it to work, but will I be able to use all that or do I have to get a driver that is for Suse? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

You are quite welcome her, but my feelings are that you would be better served when you:
a) posted this question in the Wireless subforum of Network/Internet;
b) would have made a usefull title like; “how to get <Type X> wifi device running?”
c) at least mention as much as possible of the Manufacturer / Card type/ Chipset type either in the Title or in the Post.

If the card worked in Ubuntu, it is very likely it will work in an openSUSE version using the same (or maybe newer) Linux kernel.

Ubuntu uses .deb packages though, while openSUSE uses .rpm file. So if your driver is in a deb package you migth need to install some tooling before you can use it. Packages are basically just compressed archives with some extra instuctions, you can always just exctract it and put the files and config in place by hand.