Greeted with "no startx installed"

When I just installed opensuse and type “startx”, I get greeted with this message:
“No startx installed”

Please help!!!

I think you should provide more information.

Like which desktop did you choose on installation (it should not be needed to run startx manualy, your GUI login page should show after boot).

BTW, why are you installing openSUSE 13.2? It is almost at end of life.

Also you have to be root to run startx

Yes, but there should be no reason for it. And thus IMHO there is more then answering the simple question with a simple answer that might get the OP into trouble

startx has been deprecated since openSUSE 11.4. The X server should load up by default if you switch to the graphical target (runlevel 5):

systemctl isolate

If that works and you need to do that every boot, you need to switch the default runtime target:

systemctl set-default

If that does not work, make sure the X server is installed correctly. Run the following command and reply with the output of this:

zypper search x11

As has been mentioned already, startx is deprecated since years and should not be used.
It should work though (as root at least).

Check that the package xinit is installed, that contains startx.

For a long time now,
I’ve found that “startx” doesn’t always exist or work anymore, but has been replaced with a comparable command related to the Desktop…



Or, since I use LXDE quite often



Sorry, but that’s nonsense.

Things like “startkde” always existed (even when startx was still supported), and need an already running Xorg session.

startx OTOH starts an Xorg session (and then calls e.g. startkde to start the desktop).

So things like startkde have by no means replaced startx, they serve a completely different purpose.

And btw, startx does still exist.
And should actually even be installed by default (if you install a graphical system, it won’t be there if you do a minimal text mode installation of course), at least in 13.2 (but I would be very surprised if that changed in Leap or Tumbleweed).

With the default openSUSE setup, startx will not work for a normal user though, only for root.