greek fonts issue

Fonts for greek language are very irritating,and i really cant even browse pages with the way the look.Hard to even read.Any suggestions on how to correct this?Φonts have the same look on all aplications like konqueror,opera.dolphin etc…

Thnx a lot in advance

I took this image from in Opera. Does it appear satsifactory?

It looks perfect compared to how it looks on my opera

Can u plz tell me what fonts u are using etc…

I’m using Times New Roman but I don’t believe that is the issue here. Still, I would advise installing the MS Fonts on your system. Afterwards, open the Opera Preferences Editor and enter “font” in the search field. Then set your prefs as shown below. Save and restart the browser. If that is to your liking you will probably want to have your DE draw anti-aliased fonts for your sessions.

well,just installed the fonts and did nothing else.Im fine now.
Thnx a lot!!!:slight_smile:

Good deal…I thought that might be most of the problem.