greatest docker for kde

Hi all ,

What is your favorite choice for a docker on kde 3? Tried kxdocker (from packman) but it always crash at launch on my x86_64 system. So i’m seeking now a viable alternative.

Thx 4 sharing.

I wouldn’t say that I tried all of them, but of the ones I tried, I ended up using cairo-dock as it seemed the most stable. Took awhile to get it to have the settings I wanted though. Mostly because I use KDE and it seems to be gnome based, as in, the icons were gnome not KDE so they didn’t really match my desktop.

Also, I use Xinerama for dual screens, and it took a bit of fiddling to get the settings so that it wouldn’t straddle the screens, which was annoying.

Anyways, there are also lots of plugins for cairo-dock, all available from Packman.

Edit: Oh yeah, couple of other things to know about it, if I remember correctly, it defaults to French, so I had to find the language option to change it to english. Also, I am using this on a x86_64 system like you.