Great Work openSuSE team.

A number of years ago I bought a boxed SuSE 9 Pro to play around with on my now long gone AMD T’bird. Although I was then and still am a PC gamer, I’ve tended to dual-boot windows/linux and installed Linux on my other PCs.

Over the last few years I’ve been using Ubuntu more and more, but spotted a post on Reddit about the new SuSE 11.1. and deciding to give SuSE another go, downloaded the DVD iso. Boy am I pleased I did.

Beautiful, just beautiful. SuSE have always been excellent with the branding artwork. Installed without a hitch, the boot time seems much faster than Ubuntu. The Online Software repo link in konqueror is a great feature as is the more streamlined Yast.

I’m going to miss apt-get though because SuSE is now my Linux distro of choice.

Great work everyone!

Glad to read you enjoyed openSUSE.

Reference apt-get, please take a look at zypper. It does mostly the same, and I find it faster: Zypper/Usage/11.1 - openSUSE

Is anyone else noticing this is the current flow around the web. This release of OpenSuse is just blowing people away and making them want to jump over.

I know it happen with new releases, but from what I have been reading it just seems to be more open this time around

Welcome to openSuse

Appreciate the info. Cheers!