Great tool for working with GRUB2

Great tool for working with GRUB2 (and other bootloaders)

Found a great information tool for working with Grub2 – bootinfoscript
On github By arvidjaar

I made a folder in /home & named it bootinfo

went to
and copied the script

I then pasted the script in Kwrite and saved it to my bootinfo folder as bootinfoscript.

In a terminal, do “./bootinfoscript -h or ./bootinfoscript -help” and there is a wealth of information on usage and update.

It will find all the information pertaining to boot, bootloaders, devices, Oss, etc. on your machine and report it in the folder you run it from.

Kudos to arvidjaar – and thanks!

Lastly, sudo “sudo ./bootinfoscript” did not work for me, I had to to be root in a terminal to get it to run using

# ./bootinfoscript

Have fun!