Great programs you found

I did some while ago a thread about programs you like or gems you find. Apparently no one like to share.
For me, i always look for great program besides what comes with any distribution. Most programs are ok, but if you look and search you find sometimes better programs, newer programs.

Today I’ve seen this program and like what i see. Have to install it in order to judge it, but if you like to paint, this may be something to check out.
I think Fedora included this one. There is a link for openSUSE but it does not work. So you need to compile it yourself for now.

There is also a nice stitching program. Something your camera might have on the cd but you can’t use it. Now perhaps you can. The only problem is, that for it to automatically to stitch there is a licencing problem. So upon install, you have to do it manually.
Still a nice option, for anyone who likes panorama photos.

Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher
Thanks for reading and perhaps you like to share what you have found. :slight_smile:

<grumble> I have mypaint packaged… Search Results

There is also pinta Pinta: Painting Made Simple - Pinta

JoergJaeger, it is a problem to install applications that can not be found in one of our supported repositories as it often requires the program be compiled in some way. I might suggest a thread on supported applications not installed by default that one finds good. I really like using Asunder, a audio CD ripper that actually works right. I like using XBMC which can even be used as its own desktop. I always install k9copy which allows one to backup their DVD movies. I always install Thunderbird in order to handle my POP3 email server. Finally, I always installed Kaffeine, but for KDE3, which works just fine in KDE4 and has features that do not exist in the KDE4 version. These are just a few of my favorite things, you must install separately from the default installation.

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This is quite funny. I was searching for it but it did not come up. Strange.
I tried your link but it gives me an error, saying that a valid metadata is not found. It factory too, i have not factory right now. Not sure if that did matter.

I think we should do that. There is always something that is floating around in the universe and no one knows about it. For most part i think people stick to whatever comes with it. I sneaked on Fedora and checked what they ship now. Thats how i found it. :slight_smile:

I like to say that i run Gnome (2 not 3 at the moment) but from the time i am on this board i added these programs to my list as to install them upon installation.

  1. Dropbox
  2. Wireshark
  3. PiTiVi (new)
  4. Audacity
  5. Shotwell
  6. Skype (oldcpu link) repo for skype Index of /repositories/home:/broumbroum23/openSUSE_11.3_NonFree_standard
  7. Chromium
  8. Clawmail
  9. gqview
  10. handbrake
  11. Smplayer
  12. VLC
  13. stunnel
  14. Hugin (new)

I believe you need this repo Index of /suse/openSUSE_11.4/ to get the programs.

These is my little selection and i like to work with these programs. There may be better programs out there, but so far they do the job.

@jdmcfaniel3 if you meant in this thread, can you change the topic? thx

Here is for 11.4; Search Results

Thanks for the link. I realized that i should have seen it my self. :shame:

@jdmcfaniel3 if you meant in this thread, can you change the topic? thx

This thread is just fine and that is a good list of programs that you posted.

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Frescobaldi: LilyPond muziek met gemak bewerken This has been in the OBS from time to time but there wasn’t a version for 11.4; so I downloaded it, followed the instructions and it compiled and works perfectly.

Ever since I started using Linux I have found so many gems in each distribution’s repositories, I have hardly ever looked outside them. Some people always go on holiday abroad; others prefer to enjoy the beauties of their own countries.

Some of the goodies I add as need arises:

GTK+ UVC Viewer
This is a “compile-it-yourself”, but it’s fairly easy.

A very clever mail milter, configurable to the max.

Sedna Native XML Database System
Has a very peculiar directory layout, but works well.

CRM114 - the Controllable Regex Mutilator
Programming language based on strings, can be trained. Is used to write the ultimate mail filter.

Implementation of Elliptic Curve Primality Proving for large primes. This is NON-OSS.

Great stuff. I got already some more ideas.

Hopefully more people will post what they use.

Tellico - a useful database for DVD collections etc. and Gramps - a quite comprehensive database for family researchers. Both of these from openSUSE repo.

I like the ease of use of these apps:
Music player: Exaile | Music Player for GTK+.
Ipod syncing gtkpod iPod Manager.
Audio file conversions soundKonverter

A note regarding my post #11 in this thread:

guvcview is no longer a “build-it-yourself”. malcolmlewis has packaged it for packman.

Show Package guvcview (Project home:malcolmlewis) - Packman Build Service

Thank you, Malcolm

I think I have recommended this app somewhere in this forum already, but anyway…

Anyone who thinks about making some music on Linux should take a look at →Hydrogen, a pattern-drumsequencer which does not need JACK or realtime running (though that is supported, of course), so it works pretty much ootb (unlike most other sequencers). Hydrogen offers LADSPA-effects, lotsa different drumkits (sounds can be added in different formats as well) and a very easy interface. Recently the developers added a great sample-editor which multiplies the options. Basically Hydrogen is a lot of fun.

You can get the latest version of Hydrogen from [noparse][/noparse], the needed packages are ‘hydrogen’ and ‘hydrogen-drumkits’ (optionally ‘rubberband-cli’).

Have a look at Baudline.

Since using Linux in general i have discovered many programs for personal use but Stellarium was and still is the best astronomical simulator. :slight_smile:

creatura85 wrote:

> Since using Linux in general i have discovered many programs for
> personal use but ‘Stellarium’ ( was and still
> is the best astronomical simulator. Anyone willing to make this as an
> openSUSE 11.4 package ? :slight_smile:
It is in the education repository.

PC: oS 11.4 64 bit | Intel Core i7-2600@3.40GHz | KDE 4.6.0 | GeForce GT 420
| 16GB Ram
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creatura85 wrote:
> Since using Linux in general i have discovered many programs for
> personal use but ‘Stellarium’ ( was and still
> is the best astronomical simulator. Anyone willing to make this as an
> openSUSE 11.4 package ? :slight_smile:

I am very much interested in astronomy and i will take a look at this.
Are there any programs that can control also telescopes?

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