Great On a Aspire One 1GB ram

Dear Susie’
Wow! Tried to install Kubuntu , problems problems, broken APPS after update???
tried that PC Linux my old Favorite to big seems to load to many features and needless bulk slow, no warnings about
unneeded apps or breaking software… Most new users download everything from the Winwoees experience, breaking
Their software,

This newer version of YAST prevents that on many levels, smart warnings, auto adding required support, breaking warning, auto-removing
potential conflicts before updateing WOW thats new…
So I loaded Susie I have and that Yast when updated had Zero problems no broken Links,
it maintains your software warns when needed and prevents errors in Judgment while updating before
you break your operating system…
Super fast boot, super clean , Zero complaints , all the shortcuts are clear and easy to find shortcuts,
I prefer KDE, and this package can be run a Notebook with only 1 GB ram, Seems to unload old apps well,
I ve used the older Mozilla systems and prefer the simple clean look of Thunderbird email so I unlaoded the default
Kmail and installed simple old thunderbird because it seems easier to use and get SMTP to work for me. DUH?

The best guess the install defaulted to the best fit for, available disc cache, this is critical when you run,
large apps. A+ out of the first boot. Thanks Excellent Clean Install.

Doug In VA

Dear Susie,
As a experienced Linux user, it was easy to find that Lizard on the bottom corner of the screen and look for the Installed, systems, similar to Xp , that is important to new users who are lost after that first boot, maybe a a little pop-up on first boot, would be usefull
to new users and offer the option to turn off in the icon after a couple or first boot. I know this is dumbing down the software, but every
new user I give linux disc to tend to feel alittle lost but love messing with my notebook cause its so fast, did Imention the quality of my monitor on this dinky notebook, handels the clarity of the screen very well so as a new user feature it
could help that newbies thru that first week of painful learning. Did I mention I unloaded a paid version of win 7 that overwhelmed the video on this laptop could someone expalin this to me… Its super clear and looks three-D to me. And not once did it tell to me to turn
off this and that relentlessly to speed up my operations. Maybe someone who work at microsoft would allow us dumbies to turn off that
dang warning… If not I’ll give anyone a free copy of Susie that looks better and never warns you to turn all your features that they built
because the latest version of win7 on a 400.00 Box Dell can’t handle it, but hey I am not a 100.00 notebook from a sale at walmart is doing better than that 400.oo box at apps.
'If you have notebook that bogs on the wifi connection your need to try a free OS>

PSPS when did the Lizard start moving his eyes during the boot I thought that was pretty neat… Sweet

Dear djnzlb1,

Welcome to these forums.

You posted in the Install/Boot/Login section of the Get Technical Help Here forum, but I fail to see what technical help you want from your fellow openSUSE users.

When you just want to do some small talk, you should post in one of te sections of Community and Fun, e.g. Genral Chit-Chat.
And in both cases, take note, we are all openSUSE users like you, not developers. Thus thanking for the clean install is of course a nice geste, but it will most probably not reach those who created the install/distribution.

Welcome here !!!

Joining hcvv in his remarks. Addition: the “eye-rolling” lizard just appeared with the release of openSUSE 12.1 as a replacement for the progress bar, that we watched for years.

Sorry, when I first loaded the forum couldnt find the right forum, go ahead and move this post , I own a older version of susie
I bought , due to the easy dual booting option upon install early 90’s thanks.

On 02/21/2012 12:26 PM, djnzlab1 wrote:
> susie

i have to wonder if you ever tried redie, centie, fedorie, debie,
slackie, aixie, bsdy, osxie or windy?

What do they write about YOU?:

I haven’t… but I will take inspiration, and use ‘Gentie’ as soon as the occasion presents itself… >:)