Great monospace font...

I never really liked the monospace font that is provided (ok, maybe i am alone on this) but i found an alternative recently i like to share.

Its called Envy Code R and is free, but can not (thats a bummer) be redistributed. Still you can use it for free and it looks really nice.

I provide this link Envy Code R preview #7 (scalable coding font)

Do you use anything other than the default font? I always looking for nice good readable fonts. :slight_smile:

I’ve always liked droid sans mono myself… (classic imo)

but I also recently stumbled upon square shooter mono and have been using it almost exclusively since…

Thank you for the pointer. Personally, I like the font a bit wider and I am using DejaVu Sans Mono which has been available for a long time. It lets you distinguish between l and I and 1 on the terminal.

(That was: small letter L, capital I and number “One”)

Just to let you know. This envy does a nice job in distinguish between all the characters. A zero looks like a zero 0. And l as an l…etc.
I always struggled with the other font.

Have to look up where to find more fonts.

I think i forgot to mention that i use it as my default font for everything. Crazy isn’t it.