graphics drivers for laptop cards

I have an nVIDIA GTX 260M graphics card. I tried using the one click install and the manual install from the SUSE how-to from nVIDIA, and all it did was make me have to reinstall the kernel. After looking closer i saw that the GTX 260 card appears to be supported but not the 260M. Is there another driver that is better than “2.1 Mesa 7.2” that I am currently running? I was trying to play a game and my frame rate was terrible, and I will have to start running visualization software for work soon, so any help will be greatly appreciated.


I found nothing at nVidia - even in Beta.

You could check on Mesa home page, see if it’s worth updating
Mesa Home Page

Ok, thanks for the help, I will try the newest mesa driver tomorrow and see if it helps, and if it does I will post here.

I looked at the newest driver and it requires kernel version 2.6.28 and suse 11.1 uses 2.6.27, is it possible to upgrade this (i am a beginner right now), or am i forced to wait for 11.2?

Depends how desperate you are. It’s not something I would recommend for a newbie.
There are Factory repos you can add to try a newer kernel.