graphics driver install results in too many boot entries

I have just installed my ati graphics card driver via suse’s 1-click-install.
On my next restart I had in addition to my usual three boot options the following:
debug, suse-pae and suse-pae-failsafe.
What do they mean, are they necessary and can I safely remove them (at least from my boot screen)?


perfectly normal

suse-pae : is default

try failsafe if you at some time have a problem booting from default.

Can I remove the other entries, or will this cause problems?

You CAN remove them/
But the fact that you don’t actually know the answer suggests to me that you should leave well alone.

Um… notice that gilap already had three entries before the new ones were added, so he now has six in total. What is that ‘debug’-entry about? I don’t think that is normal.

Please post your /boot/grub/menu.lst and the output of

rpm -qa | grep kernel

You are correct. I didn’t read his post carefully.
Post the menu.lst as suggested.

This kernel has several debug facilities enabled that hurt performance. Only use this kernel when investigating problems.

This kernel supports up to 64GB of main memory. It requires Physical Addressing Extensions (PAE), which were introduced with the Pentium Pro processor.


Good morning,
I did go ahead last night and deleted the extra entries, after checking on which of those entries it would boot up. pae was the one that worked.

I know that the debug was installed with the 1-click install. I then messed about with the graphics driver and had installed the drivers via the 1-click again. After that I had the pae entry as well.

Up to then I didn’t have the pae option, and my “default” option wouldn’t boot any more, only pae.
When grub comes up now, it doesn’t show pae anymore, only the default.

But here’s the readout


My husband also installed the ati drivers from the 1-click but he did not have to install the pae or debug kernel. Maybe it has something to do with the graphics card?

Can I uninstall the kernel-debug, since I’ll never be using it?

Actually I’m booting into the default kernel, which I have done from the start, not pae.

Up to then I didn’t have the pae option, and my “default” option wouldn’t boot any more, only pae.

So you deleted it, but now your default kernel is booting ok.

The default kernel should be fine

But maybe you should post your specs

Regarding debug, I’m not sure if it is installed by default - it is when I do a fresh install, but I always add a load of extra packages above and beyond the default install - mostly dev packages.

It really does no harm having it.

But you understand: Removing it from the menu.lst does not remove it, you have to do that from the package management in Yast.

I presume you mean my OS specs? or hardware?

OpenSuse11, 32bit, AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3400+, Asustek K8N-E motherboard, ATI Radeon 9550, 1.5GB ram.

Does this make any sense?

you don’t need pae - you can delete it

leave the rest alone is my advice

you should NOT remove:

best leave this really:


Thank you, caf4926, for your advice.

Well, I suggest to simply uninstall any kernel you do not use. It’s a waste of HD-space to keep Kernels (and kernel-sources as well?) when you never use them, right? Makes updates a waste of time as well… Keep the pae or the default, kick out anything else, the GRUB-entries should be edited automatically.

Sorry, but I don’t quite get why caf4926 suggests to keep for example kernel-sources - do you compile kernels? Do you develop software? If not, these packages are not needed. Same with the debug-kernel - there is no reason for keeping it. Also I never even had ‘kernel-syms’ on my system, is there any reason to recommend that to gilap, caf4926?

In case YaST complains about unmet dependencies when uninstalling a kernel, please post the exact error-messages.

kernel-source would be required for example: If you needed to run the nVidia installer manually - which I sometimes do.

The above and kernel-syms are required if you need Virtual Box.

So, YES, you may not need them.

If you are sure you don’t - fair enough - delete!

You should ask first before giving such advices, plus read what gilap wrote.

  1. She does not use a script to install NVidia-drivers, she’s using ATI-drivers from the repositories.

  2. It’s unlikely that she uses VirtualBox, she would propably have mentioned that, plus VB doesn’t seem to need special kernels:

08:30 hoppers:/home/kalle # rpm -qa | grep kernel
08:27 hoppers:/home/kalle # zypper in virtualbox
Lese installierte Pakete...

Die folgenden NEUEN Pakete werden installiert:
  virtualbox-ose virtualbox-ose-kmp-default

Gesamtgröße des Herunterladens: 9,2 M. Nach der Operation werden zusätzlich 34,3 M genutzt.
Fortfahren? [JA/nein]:

Again, what would she need a debug-kernel for?

No offense meant, but I do not like to read counsels like these, kay?

My apologies, 'kernel-syms is needed to run VirtualBox, but then again: it would have been installed before the new entries were added in the boot-menu. As I said: ask before giving such special advices.