Graphical Network Packet Analysis Tool

A long time ago - KDE1/KDE2 era - there were a couple of tools which provided easy to use GUIs and informative graphic representations of network captures. One of them was KSnuffle. I don’t recall the name of the other one. It may have had TCP in the name somewhere.

I am aware of the very powerful tools, WireShark and Zenmap. These are useful, professional quality tools. They do, however lack some of the features I’m looking for.

Currently my organization uses the Windows-based Opnet ACE, proprietary tool. It allows me to identify patterns and problems in minutes where the same accomplishment takes hours with WireShark. Like WireShark, ACE uses a tcpdump-compatible packet capture format.

I’m looking for an Open Source alternative Opnet ACE. Any suggestions?

Any suggestions?

Etherape might be suitable. Its available from the OSS repo for openSUSE.