Graphical GRUB video aspect ratio

Well GRUB works alright but every time I start the computer I get that distorted GRUB menu list. My LCD display ratio is 4:3 (Philips 170S) but the video mode for grub is something else so the lower part of the screen is plain black and part of the grub background (the green openSuse one) is going out of the screen to right. I have no problem later with the boot splash. I had the same problem in openSuse 10.3 and now in openSuse 11. I remeber running Suse 9.3 on a CRT display and not having any problem. (However that might have been LILO back then). I will attach an image as soon as I can.

Ok. Here’s what I’ve been doing. I followed the opensuse how-to on adding the animated penguins theme and edited the /boot/message.
Unpacked it and repacked it back. I’ve tried all three options: 800x600, 640x480, penguins. Something changed: the image is no more distorted, but there still is a dark area on the lower part of the screen. I can’t get the distorted image back even after replacing the new file with backup-ed “message” file.

Here is an image of the new screen: