Graphical glitches/artifacts in XCOM


I’m on a rather fresh installation of OpenSUSE 13.2, and have installed the proprietary AMD drivers according to
But in XCOM Enemy Within, I occationally get a frame that is filled with graphical artifacts, like weird colors and shapes. They only happen for one frame, maybe once every 10th second.
Using the open source drivers resulted in somewhat incomplete graphics, so I don’t think that is supported by XCOM.
The game was running perfectly under Linux Mint… what can I do in OpenSUSE?

My card is an HD 7770.

What Desktop and have you played with the graphic setting there??

I have KDE and have tried checking off “Suspend desktop effects for fullscreen windows”. It seems to have helped a bit, but there’s still occasional glitches. Is there anything else I can try?

What are the settings in Configure Desktop - Desktop Effects - advanced???

Should be openGL 3.1

I bumped up OpenGL to 3.1. The other option was already Raster.
It might be placebo but there seems to be even fewer glitches now, though they’re not gone yet.
If they just stay at this level I guess it would be acceptable.