graphic problem in openSUSE 11.4


step a screenshot of how you see the Yast, it seems it is not displayed correctly, it looks like a windows 98. The rest of the system is good, not if it is normal to see well. I have also seen in the progress bar.](

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Another thing, why the graphical installer offers me constantly installing new packages, like the three you see in the image?

Thank you

is it a new installation from a Live CD ? some packages need to be installed after the initial installation. it is normal.

YaST’s look is determined by root’s appearance setting. Use ‘kdesu qtconfig’, ‘kdesu kcmshell4 style’, ‘kdesu kcmshell4 colors’ and so on, to have some influence.

I did the installation from the DVD but selecting the packages manually. I do not understand the answer I gave, I install some package to improve the appearance of Yast or should set?