Graphic performance fedora vs suse

I wonder who has better performance in graphics, opensuse or fedora. Im asking because i want to swtich from fedora to opensuse

Try it and see. I would assume they use the same upstream software so I can’t see why there would be much of a difference. I would compare driver versions between openSUSE and Fedora and see if either has a newer version that has specific features that you personally need. Otherwise it is all academic. Really asking such a question here is kind of one sided anyway considering this is the openSUSE forum. My answer is Go with openSUSE! :slight_smile:

Fedora usually has newer drivers in its repo … although it wasn’t true in the past 2 weeks - but I would consider this an exception. This week kmod-nvidia for the latest kernel was released before the kernel itself (on Fedora 16). Kind of stupid since you could not install it. I don’t know about the performance. It looks the same to me. Considering that the drivers are the same, I wouldn’t change the distro for this reason, but you might have very high graphics expectations.