Graphic display glitches

Hi, since I upgraded my main computer to an i7 Skylake with a amd r7 370 i have the following glitch ( i did a fresh install):

This happens sometimes when grub is loading (others don’t). After I log to my user, I run an aplication like firefox or dolphin and then the screen gets black for an instant and returns normaly without the glitch. I discard hardware fail because when it happens in the grub i boot from windows with no glitches.

I have two monitors, the master (is the one that has de glitch) conected by hdmi, and the secondary (with dvi, and none glitches). Im using this drivers(15.30):
I think that with prevous version happens to, not sure…


Skylake is apparently problematic, I understand. Search for similar problems in other recent threads here.