graphic card sis771/671 on opensuse 11.1


i have a fiujitsu siemens V5515 with a graphic card sis 771or 671 mirage 3.
opensuse dosent recognize the graphic card and i enter with vesa driver but resolution is a problem vesa driver maximun resolution is 1024x768 i guess and my screen 1024x800.
someone have a solution to resolution???

Mandriva 2009 is the only distro to support this graphic card but i like opensuse mandriva is i dont know i want suse

help me please…:slight_smile:

Here’s a driver for your card + some instructions. It’s in the second brownish block, meant for Ubuntu, but proven to work on openSUSE 11.1

SiS on Linux: Downloads

Let us know how you get on.


I used to have a laptop with VIA Chrome 9 graphics card. Well, as SiS graphics
cards, there are no drivers for the card I had, then I had to use my laptop with
Vesa drivers, but the resolution was never the problem (resolution 1280x800).
The problem is that I could not watch movies is this laptop with OpenSUSE 11.x.
I have also tried Mandriva once, and the video worked fine, except that there
are no 3D acceleration support for VIA nor SiS graphic cards. So, if you want to
watch a lot of movies, I recommend Mandriva, but like you, I like more OpenSUSE.

Well, I really do not think it is worthwhile for OpenSUSE try to have VIA and SiS
supported (at least the 2D performance), since the vendors does not worry
with Linux users as they should. As it is well know, I think Linux users should
attempt to buy supported hardware (for instance, now I have a laptop
with Intel graphic card and work in a computer with a Nvidia graphic card,
since both are well supported by OpenSUSE).

Any way, good look. Try once get the correct resolution with sax2.
Note, it should be a good idea if you also set Color for 16.7 [24bit].