Grafik fractals with NVIDIA GeForce 9600m GS

Hello Together,

i have a problem with my Medion Akoya P6612.
There is a NVIDIA GeForce 9600m GS in it, and i installed the NVIDIA driver.
But while booting and eg. while loading the screen saver or a OpenOffice Presentation my display shows some very subnormal fractals or it shows different parts from different places at the screen. It looks like made by random.

I hope somebody can Help, and i hope my GPU wont got destroyed!

Also there is a problem with my audio driver. After the log in procedure ther is a massege, that the driver does not work and the system loaded default. It works with default, but i dont want to see these message. Im working with KDE 4.1 and openSuSE 11.1


You should really try using KDE 4.2.3 instead of 4.1. 4.1 had some problems that were fixed in later releases.