grab enigmail plugin at the right place

hi there hello dear friends

can i find the enigmail-plugin for OpenSuse here Enigmail: A simple interface for OpenPGP email security

guess no: I guess that ih have to find a place where i get a true OpenSuse plugin - that is able to get installes with the YAST - where to find this plugin!?

love to find it - do you have some hints.


I just used
Yast → Software Management
and entered “enigmail” in the search box. That found enigmail, and I clicked “accept” to install.

I’m not sure if that will work for you - it might depend on your opensuse version (which you forgot to mention).

hi there nrickert

many many thanks - it worked for me too! :wink: i have seen the the installation went smoothly

i am happy -

but how can i proceed - where can i check and see that Enigmail is installed

And the most important question - where to store the key…?

I have startet TBird again - and now i saw a OpenPGP in the top tool bar;:

And then a Popup with a message

the agent for your system GnuPG-Version 2.0.16 GPG-Agent-Application could not be started.

Well what d o es that mean - what is wrong here!?

love to hear from you

You can use the gpg key at the command line to create a key. Or use Kgpg or Kleopatra if you run KDE - they should be on the menus: utilities → security → Kleopatra. If you are running gnome, try “Passwords and Encryption Keys”, which should be on the gnome menus. For LXDE or XFCE, it probably works as in gnome.

Once you have a key, logout of the desktop, then login again. A gpg-agent should be automatically started. I think it auto-starts if you have a key (in $HOME/.gnupg), but doesn’t start otherwise.