GPU redering for ATI cards

Hi there,

Does anyone have decent hardware rendering working for ATI video cards out there.

Under vlc, xbmc and mplayer, software rendering “works” best, but winds up consuming lots of cpu and becomes gittery after awhile.

I have an older ATI HD2400. I’ve seen posts regarding va-api and XvBA under gentoo and Ubuntu forums but didn’t find anything here. Apparently people in those distros did manage to get something working for my vintage of card, so hopefully someone else out there has had some success too.

Have you installed the ATi display drivers?

Catalyst 10.6 was installed. I’m updating to 10.7 after that latest kernel patch is applied.

No additional rendering option (i.e. vaapi or XvBA related) appears for any of the media players. do I need to simlink a library to a location where it can be found?