Gphoto - bug in version 2.5.17-1.1

I use a bin bash with gphoto2 and after import the raw files in darktable (and other) would not open the raw
Darktable makes the information “failed to read camera white balance information from *.cr2”

libgphoto2-6 Version 2.5.17-1.1 gives me a error if i used gphoto for import pictures of camera
(version 2.5.16-1.2 is fine)

Did you report this at ?

Question: is this after a ‘zypper dup’ ? If updated otherwise, run ‘zypper dup’ first and try again.

bug report @

The bug is from tumbleweed 20180420.
I use zypper dup, the bug still is @ 20180425 too.

What you can do, is run

dmesg -w

and check the output as soon as your routine fails. That should at least say something.

the dmesg outpout is not usefull, it connect correct the canon camera.
But it seems that the git libgphoto2 already know of the problem.