Gpg2 popup take long time to appear

when i start a session, i want to open a browser or any application that use gpg2 for privacy security, take like 1mn or 2 mn to open and make me able to enter the passphrase !

Why it is so long !

After the first time i entered passphrase, the applications open without problem without to ask again the gpg2 pop up for privacy.

Maybe jump to a command line window and launch the browser from there, to check for any output clues …

Have you executed journalctl to look at the logs?

i see nothing related with gpg into !

Yes, I see this.

In my case, I am using gpg to encrypt kde_wallet. When I first use kde_wallet it takes a while for the prompt for the gpg passphrase used.

I think it is a delay in starting gpg-agent, but that’s just a guess.

seems to explain the problem

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i don’t find the file gpg-agent.conf even searching with root account !

“gpg-agent.conf” is normally in “$HOME/.gnupg”. But it does not have to exist, and if you don’t need to override defaults then you don’t have to create it.

i found the workaround or solution, i don’t know : Reddit - Dive into anything

add “no-allow-external-cache” to gpg-agent.conf

we can consider Now it is solved !