gparted refuses sometimes

If I try to start gparted, sometimes it works fine, other times, it throws this error:

Could not initialise connection to hald.
Normally this means the HAL daemon (hald) is not running or not ready

I have tried manually starting hal daemon,but nothing happens… Any ideas anyone?

I might open a terminal session and run the following command. Then copy and paste the results into a message here.

sudo hald --daemon=no --verbose=yes

So I have not ever had a problem with Gparted, but I guess it is part of Gnome and would wonder if you also have gnome loaded. I only ask because programs intended for Gnome see to work better when all of the desktop is loaded. For instance, trying to use Banshee seems to work better with Gnome loaded, even if you don’t use it except in an emergency.

Thank You,

Here it is…