Gparted formating options greyed out except for hfs.

I recently tried to format my flash disk (was unmounted) but all formating options were greyed except for hfs (Gparted was ran with root privileges). It also gave an error that I needed to install dosfstools & mtools. The problem is, the two utilities it was asking for were already installed in the system. The following utilities are also installed in my system:

  • hfsutils

  • squashfs

  • reiserfs

  • e2fsprogs

  • jfsutils

openSUSE 11.3, Kernel 2.6.38.

If you use gnome
Install gnome-disk-utility

Then just right click the device form the desktop > format

Gnome-disk -utility works beautifully.Thank you very much. Yes, I do use Gnome.

On another note, I have been looking for WebHTTrack rpm which was previously available for openSUSE but seems to have disappeared completely from the Internet. Do you have the rpm by any chance? I am an University student and I desperately need this utility to rip articles and lengthy online tutorials.

No I don’t

Post a new question
Be clear in the title Eg: WebHTTrack wanted or Similar. Help Please
Then state exactly what WebHTTrack does/ what you need.

It does look like the source is still there
Download HTTrack Website Copier 3.44-1 - HTTrack Website Copier - Offline Browser

Some kind person may be able to build it in to the build service
or a build from source may be easy enough

Thanks. I will post a new question on WebHTTrack/HTTrack as per your guidelines. Thanks Again.

You are most welcome