GParted - filesystems unavailable

I have problem with GParted - it shows almost every filesystem as grayed out (unsupported/unavailable), even though I have userland utilities installed.
In fact, some of them are installed along with GParted.

Gnome Disk Tool works OK.

Does anybody have the same issue?

I’m running EXT4 root and BTRFS for everything else, so kernel modules for those filesystems must be loaded…

On 08/29/2011 11:06 AM, sobrus wrote:
> I’m running EXT4 root and BTRFS for everything else

you do realize, don’t you (?), that BTRFS is still an experimental file
system…that is, not yet ready for prime time (and certainly not ready
for my production system)…

so, i’m not even sure if GParted pretends to be supporting it,
yet…wait, i just looked at and see that SOME of the
things GParted can do with ext3/4 can be done with the latest GParted,
if it has the addition of btrfs-tools available…are you using
the latest with that addition? if not, try it…

but, imho unless you are working on your sandbox you need to thoughtful
consider how important your data is to you…and plan your backup
regime carefully…

personally, ext4 is about as “out-there” as i want my important data to
be just now…ymmv

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Yes, I do realize, and I wouldn’t use it without Tumbleweed (newest kernel).
And of course without backups :wink:

Although it’s pretty stable and as far as I know fsck will be available soon (hopefully before I encounter any errors :D).
There probably will be an option to install 12.1 with btrfs root (GRUB2 supports it).

The reason is simple - it’s MUCH faster than EXT4 (even with barrier=0 and writeback) on my machine.
Something I wouldn’t expect according to Phoronix tests, where EXT4 is usually faster.
~20-30% when multiplexing large multimedia steams, more than twice as fast when copying small files.

But GParted doesn’t support almost ANY filesystem. Even EXT4. So something is wrong.
I will try to install it one more time and post screenshot.

btw I don’t need GParted (Gnome Disk Utility does good job), but maybe it’s a bug.

This is how it looks and works:
of course I’ve got e2fs tools v1.41.14-5.1 and btrfsprogs v0.19-17.18.1 installed too :slight_smile: