Government and open standards UK

   	 	 	 	 	   **Interoperability enabled by open standards**
  1. The Government will create a common and secure ICT infrastructure based on a suite of agreed, open standards which will be published and updated. The use of common standards can make ICT solutions fully interoperable to allow for reuse, sharing and scalability across organisational boundaries into local delivery chains. The adoption of compulsory open standards will help government to avoid lengthy vendor lock-in, allowing the transfer of services or suppliers without excessive transition costs, loss of data or significant functionality.



yep! it is coming to a government near you…no matter where you live
(outside the Land of Redmond)…

Tried LibreOffice? Do that and help at
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But the imperial forces are strong and will retread to a new strategy.
If you can’t beat 'em, buy 'em. Oh, err. not possible. Error. Does not compute.

At one point Linux will rule them all. Just a matter of time.