got an issue with a guy nick-named "yaloki" on #opensuse

Sorry to post this as my first thing in this forum but today I had an issue with an ugly kid(?) nicknamed yaloki at the #opensuse channel on

That person insisted he didn’t like my nickname (sexwax = a really well known surf parafin made in Carpinteria, California, USA) and start saying stupid things like why I don’t change my nick to “anal probe” - disgusting.

Ok, I must admit I didn’t were very polite then but I was polite indeed, and told him to matter his own business = he banned me from joining the channel thus leaving me out of a great community on the irc.

I usually don’t mind about this -dumbs are everywhere- but what really upset me was the ban… ok, you are the allmighty operator of the channel, kick me, ok, but ban?

He (assuming he is a man[a kid actually]) should know that with power come certain responsability and he should act acordingly.

Sorry once again for posting this but I think bad things should be posted along good things, good things make us feel good and bad things let us improve our lives.

Peace and thanks for this space =D:p

First of all, yaloki is a well-respected openSUSE community member. The reason why he banned you out of #opensuse is a matter between you and him, at least IMHO.
maybe you could come in touch with him one more time and try to explain the situation from your perspective.
Furthermore I cannot see anything what this forums community could do for you regarding that issue.

I suggest any issue you have with yaloki you take up with him privately. We can’t allow the forums to be used for airing personal disagreements.

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