got a problem in a new job

hi there,

i just got a new job as a software developer at a local IT company,
and i have a big problem i want to discuss with you,

they Only use micro$ft technology that’s ok i can pretty well write code in C#
but these guy’s are totally micro$oft *****'s

i mean they can’t write a single line of code without Ms Visual studio,
and they depend heavily on the automated code generation techniques by the Visual studio IDE
i Will-not argue that it makes the development process faster and easier
but when you need to edit the auto generated code things gets pretty wrong, because it’s pretty much complicated and full with errors ,

for example
we have this new app that have a M$SQL sever as a backend db
what they usually do:
1-FROM the MS visual studio connect to the server .
2-Drag the table from the server explorer tab to the project explorer.


and you got your self a DataSource object (something that represent the tables in the db):sarcastic::sarcastic::sarcastic:
and you can (From the IDE) link it to a GridView or whatever control.

i used to do things in a diffrent way
1-Create and open a new connection obj
2-Create a new data reader object
3-read the data from db into the RAM heap
4-close the reader and the connection

and may be you can wrap this algorithm in a nice method called get_items() that returned a list of strongly typed struct that represent the table,

now i really don’t know if i have to do things in their way or my way?
i really will appreciate your help about that thanks

Ultimately it comes down to who is singing your paycheck.

Probably the worst thing to do is immediately try to change things. Not only will those that are more entrenched in Microsoft going to push back, but having tenure over you (and knowing who to talk to) gives them a great advantage!

For example, our System Admin guy (a BSD user) was too fresh in the company as talks and development went on for our ASP.NET Intranet. He had no ground to push for another solution such as PHP or Java on FreeBSD. Now he’s earned the clout, but it’s too late. Instead he has introduced non-proprietary solutions when he is able to fit it, and it does what we need.

You may find that they do it this way because of a reason. For example, in my last place of work 50% or more of the IT department were from employees coming from other departments. Everybody got sent to the same place for training and they kept with a form of Basic (Pick Basic actually) because it was easy for them to learn and the department benefited from knowing our client’s needs from the inside! Going to a more complicated language or methods would make it harder for these people to adapt.

Learn what they use and expect. Find out who is like minded and who is totally entrenched (a.k.a. know your allies). Look for the chain of command.

You could even find out they do it and require it this way until you prove to them you have knowledge to go beyond their “norm”, and once proven they may give you a little slack to do things your way.

Now in my office, they know I use Linux at home so as they want to pull the FreeBSD/PHP(Drupal) website away from the Sys Admin’s plate, I am the natural choice. Unfortunately I have to fight to get back into the ASP.NET development before I find myself outside our core business but I have my ways … :wink:

I think you have to learn to do it their way so well that you earn their respect; then you will be allowed to introduce small changes. In the meantime, you may be able to do some things your way when they aren’t looking/don’t care how you get the result.

I have the same problem as a typesetter; some people insist on using MS Word - so I aim to produce the very best that Word can produce when they insist on Word - and try to demonstrate the massive benefits of LaTeX when they hit a problem.

Yesterday i got a small conversation with the branch manager,

like he said, every way got benefits and cons,

at the end of the conversation he gave me 3 days without asking to do any projects,
during this time i will have to write a small store application, which i will first write it my way, then write it in their way.

and then maybe i will have a better opportunity to decide which way to use.

thank’u both dragon bite and john hudson.

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