got a DVD drive problem with a Xseries 300

i’ve got a old server IBM Xseries 300 and I would love to install open SuSe 11.0 or .1 BUT my server don’t have a DVD drive

my question will be :
can i just copy the entire DVD on a thumb drive and tell the network CD to go search the installation files on this thumb drive ?

or should i copy the entire DVD on another HDD that i have on my IBM ?

for the record my server is a IBM Xseries 300 with 1X20G SCSI HDD, 1X30G SCSI HDD, PIII 1Ghz with 750MB or RAM

Maybe help here
SuSE install from USB drive - openSUSE


Installation without CD - openSUSE

ok thank you, i have printed both of the pages, so i’ll look into them in the week-end times

thank alot