gOS: looks matter

Hi to all.
I was searching on net and came across some interesting thing.
I heard about, that Google is in battle field for an OS.
Just saw that gOS is there to go. Although its not completely owned by Google.
just wondering, does some one have saw this:
Link to gOS site

Distrowatch website

gOS has no stated affiliation with Google. They’ve simply tried to leverage Google as a draw for their re-spin. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re getting a small kickback for seeding Google services the way Mozilla does, that’s a guess, but Google has no stake in it.

And with the latest version of gOS relying heavily on google gadgets, here’s a sobering minder to keep in mind when it comes to turning to google:

Surfing Google may be harmful to your security | The Register

There’s also a rumor that TMobile will be launching a Google Android-based phone next month… and that it will require the user to have a gmail.com account to operate. Take it with a grain of salt, since it’s speculation, but that’s not too far fetched. Google wouldn’t be investing the money unless there was a return for shareholders one way or the other.

Google has no interest in a desktop OS, they’ve stated this many times. They’re quite content to catalog your personal information for commercial gain on any desktop you choose… :wink:

Just my cynical 2c… And I’m not sure you chose the right sub-forum for this thread, it’s more of a general discussion since it has no relation to openSUSE.


sorry to post it here.
I think it should be in soapbox section.

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@else_where – I didn’t know that about the non-link to Google. I was trying to dld it. It took hours to dld about 100 Mbytes – I gave up.

Thanks for moving the thread.

The interesting thing that Google dont want to put them self in the OS competition.
As else_where said earlier, that they mostly focus on the things like widgets which is and will be available for different desktops.
but the thing here is not widget, is about how secure they are.

Yeah, the gOS guys are trying to slide on the google branding. It’s really just a respin of *buntu. If they wanted to cement the idea of being tied to Google, they should simply have attached a permanent “Beta” tag to their releases… :wink:

Having said that, I’m don’t want to knock the effort they’re making, they do seem to be concentrating considerable effort on trying to make a user-friendly and accessible desktop, and I don’t want to imply that they’re up to mischief.

But I am cynical of any environment that is heavily dependent upon google as it’s “infrastructure”… So just a PSA from me. :wink:


Yet another new desktop environment that looks like a Mac, doesn’t taste like a Mac, and attempts to simplify things by dumbing things down. And IMHO, it doesn’t beat KDE 4.1 in looks.

But in terms of user adoption, being based off of Ubuntu isn’t enough, it has to be as easy to use. Just look at Kubuntu versus Ubuntu.