GoogleChrome RemoteAppl - How add ??

Download and install lates Google Chrome
Add:GoogleChrome Remote Desktop -OK
Configure thus RemoteDesktop for share my Leap42.3 Desktop.
But for this i see only:

How i can install this in the Leap42.3 ?


Search for old threads in this Forum about this Google remote desktop extension.
It’s old and no one has worked on this for a very long time, so YMMV.


you could try and convert the deb to rpm with alien

alien -r -c chrome-remote-desktop_current_amd64.deb

Be aware there is generally considerable risk running unmaintained apps, particularly if unimproved for over 3 years.
For very simple, uncomplicated stuff it might be a minimal risk but the more complex the app the more likely the code cannot be considered secure anymore. Would you risk this with a remote acccess app?

Besides, IIRC when I looked at this app a long time ago, there was some kind of code that could be run on an RPM system, there was no need to convert a DEB. For someone who wants to experiment with this, go look for it… It’s the last version that was released.