Google Voice on 11.2, general questions

So, at length I finally got Google Voice working on my comp. The problem was that, although I could record fine in Audacity, I couldn’t get any mic activity in Google Voice (important because I use it instead of a cell-phone). Finally, following some leads from other posters, I got it to work by going to pulse audio and imbalancing the input channels (unlinking them, turning one way up). All seems to be good; I’ve made test calls without issue. Mission accomplished. But for the benefit of my instruction I would like some explanation:

  1. Why did this work? Why won’t having equal levels on left and right allow Google Voice to work, but Audacity still works fine?
  2. Why do I read so many people hating Pulse Audio? It seems like a good and useful product to me.

Thanks for enlightening me, and I also hope that this solution is available to others who want to get this working. All my reading had made me worry that this was a big, troubling issue, but I was pleased that it was fixed easily. Now I just want to understand why the fix worked.

you’re using 11.2 or 12.2?
If it really is 11.2 then Pulse audio was still relatively new at that stage and a bit buggy (11.2 is now four releases old).
I think most hate it got was from its early days.
Works very well now in newer Opensuse releases.

Oops. Yes, this is 12.2.
Hmm. Maybe I figured it out. it seems that I can’t have my Google Voice working but not my YouTube. Grrrr.