Google Video/Audio Chat Plugin

Hello Everyone,

I just realized that google video/audio chat on Linux is finally here. When you download the plugin, you get a deb file. I had converted the deb file into a rpm file using the application alien. When I tried to install the rpm file I got the following dependency libraries missing,

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by google-talkplugin- is needed by google-talkplugin-

I have both and residing in /usr/lib/ directory. I know this is a very new application which was released not even a day ago but I had been desperately waiting for this release. It is pretty late here, I would be glad to hear your thoughts and advices by morning.


Are you running 64 bit Linux? If so you need the 32 bit versions of the libraries. You should find them in yast with -32 in the name.

No Sir, I am running a 32 bit linux machine. The libraries which are not found by the plugin were installed by downloading and installing OpenSSL using Yast. I don’t think Yast would have downloaded 64 bit version of the library.

did you see this
Google released Linux video chat plugin for Gmail

I tried it in Mint and it works well

Thank you very much for the link caf4926. It feels better to know that other’s are facing the same problem. :slight_smile: I think I will have to wait for a rpm release. I will try the deb on a unbuntu machine at work.

Thankyou again.

You are most welcome

I installed the plugin on Ubuntu but when I go to my gmail page in firefox I never see the “Call Phone” feature. How did you get this to show up?

Seeing there is established use in Ubuntu, I would ask there. But I guess you did already.
I PM’d you about this too.