Google talk IM client?

I am using Kopete, but it doesn’t seem to provide a Google talk login facility. Can I configure it for google talk or which alternate IM client should I use?

Try Pidgin…

I use pidgin in Ubuntu. Isnt it anyhow gnome dependent? I mean, if I install pidgin, will it need installion of gnome libraries (I use KDE3.5.9)

You can configure it for google talk; at least I did over a year ago.

I have since reinstalled, and don’t use it, so I can’t tell you how. I do remember that I googled the solution and found it pretty easily, though.

How do I configure Kopete for Google Talk?
Lol… this was easy… next time, I’ll google a bit.
Thanks for the idea.

Pidgin isn’t Gnome dependant, it works perfectly on KDE.

Thanks for that info. Since I am comfortable with pidgin, I’ll install that too I guess.

I use it with kopete 4.083 on KDE 3.5.9 and openSUSE 11. works like that:

  1. add a new account and select jabber protocol
  2. Jabber-ID:
  3. Connection tab: check all three checkboxes (i.e. use ssl, allow plain-text and override default server) and replace the servername with “”. Port should be 5223…
  4. done

Thanks… I followed the same thing from here: How do I configure Kopete for Google Talk?

Thanks anyway for replying :slight_smile: