Google Interactivity + Gnome + openSUSE: Not good friends. Help?

openSUSE is the place I want to call home. I believe in most areas it’s the best. I have worked hard to learn how to set up my Gnome desktop. It’s just like I like it… except for one nuisance.

There has been an outstanding bug concerning Google, Evolution, Gnome Calendar, etc for two years. The problem remains.

And now a new Google issue. Whenever I am using a Chrome-based browser (I tried 3 of them), now they have started, out of the blue, shrinking the mouse cursor to a tiny speck on the screen.

A huge big deal for folks that want and need Google interactivity in the Gnome desktop.

So many Google-Gnome-openSUSE bugs! Can anyone guide me or otherwise work on this list of problems, seemingly all connected?

fyi I could find no other distro with these issues. Believe me I’ve tried to find one.

Very discouraging.

Not seeing it here (I’m running Xorg), what is the hardware your running on for the gpu, are you running Wayland or Xorg? If running Wayland, can you logout and login with Xorg, does it duplicate? If running Xorg, can you create a test user and login as theat user, does the issue duplicate?

FWIW: I’m not seeing this issue, either, on any Chromium-based browsers in TW, or in a Leap VM.

Question: Are you running KDE, Gnome, or other DE?

I’m running:
i5-6600 4 core 3900Ghz
Radeon RX 460
ASUS garden variety 23 inch HD monitor

I’ve nuked and repaved 3 times now. It’s the same. Fedora works fine with Chrome. Just TW and Leap do it on my machine. I don’t want to do the kind of detailed investigation during install that would be necessary to see where in that process it’s getting triggered, but when I can find time I may have to.

Weird. Any ideas?

I found a thread that talks about how Chrome based browsers, for many folks, develop cursor size problems when they have differing display resolutions syncing across several machines. I sync Chrome across desktop, chromebook, and phone. I’m betting this is the culprit. As an alternative I added a cursor extension. Good enough.

Thanks for your help.