Google hangouts no sound in chromium

When I make a video call using google hangouts in chromium, I cannot hear any thing. And chromium doesn’t play a sound when I receive a message from google hangouts. But when I switch to firefox, things just work fine. Are there any ways I can fix this?

do you have chromium-ffmpeg installed?
You may have chromium-ffmpegsumo installed. If so, remove it and replace with chromium-ffmpeg from the packman repo.

I replaced chromium-ffmpegsumo by chromium-ffmpeg, the sound works now. But another issue comes out. The chromium-pdfplugin does work after the replacing.

working fine for me here

you have chromium-pdf-plugin installed from packman, right?

I guess if you can’t get it to work you could just remove and use okular to open pdfs.

btw - I’m using chromium 34 from oss-update repo