google give my post on first place i'm shocked

hi all
i want only to say how i was impressed that when i try to find driver canon capt 1.70
i am type in google this

Canon CAPT Printer Driver for Linux  +1.70

and first answer was at opensuse… :slight_smile:

Canon CAPT goes OSS? - openSUSE Forums

that all

This forum is better search engine optimized.

When you view a thread on this forum, the thread’s subject is displayed in the URL. Search engines just love these kinda pages and give them higher priority.

Its not the same case in a lot of other forums, for example Ubuntu Forums

For “google give my” this page is already ranked 5th! :wink:

HI freedguy
it seems you right… thank you for your explanation :slight_smile:

In my search I just did, it was already first!

Don’t quote it too often or the rating will go down due to the repetition :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow yesterday it was 5th, today it’s 1st!! :wink:

first two words also 1st :slight_smile:

LOL this is insane lol!

As you seem to find it amusing you might be interested in reading why it’s so high… basically it’s the forums doing a good job in search engine optimising like the previously mentioned OP title in the url.

A lot is mentioned in this pdf (Long, technical read so if you’re not actually interested in it… just skip it :P. Just thought I’d mention it)

Thanks for the link Axeia :slight_smile: It looks better than lots of other SEO books. I’m tired of seeing so many spam SEO books everywhere.