Google Earth on 11.0 rc1

Go here: Google Earth
D/L: Download Google Earth 4.3 (beta) for PC, Mac or Linux
( it automatically gave me the Linux one)

Moved “GoogleEarthLinux.bin” to /home/jim/bin

In a terminal as user:

sh /home/jim/bin/GoogleEarthLinux.bin

It will decompress, run the installer; & put an Icon on the desktop


Thank’s for reminding me to test that too! You can find me here,
though you won’t see me waving!

18° 8’37.66"E

And it works great!


Thanks for sharing. Flew there; nice:)

I’m here:

home – was just outside with the dogs

ranch – be there tomorrow (when the storms pass) working

Very Nice.

It will work in 11.0 RC1; however, some cards (notably newer ATI cards using the closed-source drivers, which are required to successfully use Compiz-Fusion; this definitely applies to X1xxx and newer) have compositing bugs in their drivers (this is true of the closed-source 8.5 Catalyst drivers, and may be true of other drivers, both closed-source and open-source). I’ve used GE in Windows; the fact that (in most cases) you can easily get a fly-in-the-sky view of darn near any address on the planet is a decided wake-up call (and not necessarily a good one, either).

A little strange to me, I’m on an XPRESS 1250 integrated and
Catalyst 8.5 and have never had so few problems with that com-
bination. Even though there’s no other support for that chip
in sax’s configuration files than for the radeonhd drivers.
So I suppose the inner working of sax has been updated and now
uses xrandr rather than configuration files.

And snakedriver, you’re not running a ranch in Pocahontas!

got a quick question about google earth how often do they update the pictures i guess you would call it cause if i look at my town theres a feild some place where there is a high school for about 2 yrs now

runs fine when loaded but minutes to load, don’t know if it’s because of my updating the xorg rpms from the xorg repo or the Nvidia drivers (running latest) but the startup timies is huge for an app.

Actually, both the open-source and closed-source ATI drivers use xrandr 1.2 (which is included since openSuSE 10.3). (However, you can still specify custom modes in special situations; xrandr still supports this.) So (in the case of ATI’s chipsets) there’s no reason not to use xrandr.

Hey snakedriver,

Thanks for that. You may remember me from a previous life. LOL!

I’d been running Ubuntu / Linux Mint forever.

But, came back to SuSE. Cool!

Hey Adler! You ever get the gold business up & runing? You should have made some big bucks by now:)

Hey Adler! You ever get the gold business up & runing? You should have made some big bucks by now


It never did happen. I needed a script that they would not sell me.

Any chance for the coordinates for the gold mine? I’ll come over and start digging! :smiley:

Thanks for the explination. I’ll try and get google earth working when I’m back home! :cool:

very cool,another interesting software that is running on the new OS pc,thank you.