Google Earth Flickering on Opensuse 11.0

This issue was happening a lot to owners with ATI drivers + compiz fusion + Google Earth.

I was using Ubuntu 8.04 before on the same machine and GoogleEarth was working perfectly. That means that is a way around solve it.

The only temporary fix that I have know is disabling Compiz on the Fusion Icon. Everytime that I want to use Google Earth.

I know that there are other people with the same issue or similar with GoogleEarth.

If someone have another work around that is not using an older Lib file from an older ATI driver let me know please.

Hi, maybe its cause of the driver version difference in ubuntu and opensuse.

I don’t have an ATI card but that could make a difference, ubuntu doesn’t update drivers in the repos whereas suse does so u can try compiling the same driver for suse 11 as well if its compatible with the 2.6.25 kernel.

The problem is happening since Compiz/Beryl was introduced to OpenSuse.

Use Googleearth 4.2 the previous version and it should work.